York Heritage Rail Trail Re-Opens

A construction project on the York Heritage Rail Trail in York, Pennsylvania has concluded. The trail is now entirely open from John Rudy park to the Pennsylvania / Maryland border!

The trail was shut down at the Norfolk Southern Blackbridge Railroad Bridge in 2020 due to falling debris. The exact location of the closure is one mile north of the Route 30 trailhead parking lot and 1.5 miles south of Emig/Mundis Mill roads. The trail has been used to this location from either direction, but signage at the bridge tells people to turn around.

York Daily Record, April 11 2023

This is great news! The York Heritage Rail Trail is one of my favorite local trails. It runs about 28 miles to the Mason Dixon line, then connects with Maryland’s Torrey C Brown trail. The railroad it follows played a crucial role in the Civil War, and today the trail is a leisurely mixture of history, industry, and exploration.

I’ll be doing a full writeup on the trail soon but for now, enjoy the trail!

Dave Sheranko

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